// Kids Korner, Inc.

Kids Korner is staffed by a multidisciplinary group of licensed professional Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers.

Sean R. Evers, PhD, MSCP

Marietta College                                                         BA

New School for Social Research                              MA

Florida Institute of Technology                               PhD

Fairleigh Dickenson University                                Post-Doc MSCP

     Licensed: Psychologist # 35SI00176500

Anne Ellman Evers, PhD

George Washington University                               BA

Fairleigh Dickenson University                                MA

Florida Institute of Technology                               PhD

      Licensed: Psychologist # 35SI00216600

Joanne Lamanna, LCSW

West Chester University                                           BA

Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work               MSW

     Licensed: Clinical Social Worker # 44SC00044800

Justine Harris, LCSW, LCADC

Georgetown University                                             BA

University of Tuebingen, Germany

Rutgers University                                                     MSW

     Licensed: Clinical Social Worker # 44SC04647500

     Alcohol and Drug Counsellor # 37LC00068700

Fatima E Covino, PhD, LCSW

Douglass College                                                        BA

Rutgers University                                                     MSW

North Central University                                           PhD

     Licensed:  Clinical Social Worker # 44SC05297900

Julia vanPelt, PsyD

Belarusia Polytechnic Academy                               AS

Georgia State University                                           BA

Georgia School of Professional Psychology           MA

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology          PsyD

     Licensed: Psychologist # 35SI00495200

Michael Haas, PsyD

University of Pennsylvania                                       BA

LaSalle University                                                       PsyD

     Licensed: Psychologist #35SI00550800                

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